And Then They Come For The Bloggers

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

With every journalist and TV presenter including the 60 minute team either being fired or put under severe pressure to shut up about important political issues the police have begun to harass writers of the Daily Blog and the editor Martin Bradbury aka as Bomber. Bomber was in fact one of the very first journalists to be banned from NZ TV for criticising John Key!

The article which triggered a “friendly” request to remove it for the sake of National safety (!) was written by John Minto.   

John Minto wrote the article in support of the workers at the Talley factories. He reminisced about what they did when fighting the apartheid regime which was wilfully damaging products coming from South Africa.

In the article he writes that in a purely metaphorically we should do the same with the Talley products as they attempt to break the meat workers…

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