Indian girl fights back against her harasser, bringing him to his knees

Date: 26 August 2015
Author: Unknown

A young woman in her teens allegedly harassed by a man tracked him down and gave him a thorough beating in public before the case was handed over to the police.

The Indian city of Lucknow saw an unusual demonstration of justice being served right in the street on Tuesday when a young woman beat her molester until he fell on his knees and begged for forgiveness.

The girl says the man, identified as Dhirendra, was molesting her while she was trying to get some sleep on her house’s roof. She turned to Red Brigade, a women’s organization which deals with cases like this in India.

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Financial Expert Correctly Predicted Black Monday Weeks Before Collapse

Guest on the Alex Jones Show proven right

Nearly two weeks before it happened, financial expert Harry Dent predicted the Black Monday financial collapse on the Alex Jones Show.

“China is the greatest bubble in history, and it’s finally coming unraveled,” he said Aug. 13. “That’s why I’m confident that we are in, I’d say, weeks of the global bubble bursting again.”

“I think the U.S. markets are going to start heading down by early September, peaking in the next week or two, so I think this is happening.”

‘Incredibly intrusive’: Windows 10 spies on you by default

Date: 1 August 2015
Author: Unknown

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is immensely popular, with 14 million downloads in just two days. The price of the free upgrade may just be your privacy, though, as changing Windows 10’s intrusive default settings is difficult.

Technology journalists and bloggers are singing Windows 10’s praises, often using the words such as “amazing,”“glorious” and “fantastic.” The operating system has been described as faster, smoother and more user-friendly than any previous version of Windows. According to Wired magazine, more than 14 million people have downloaded their upgrade since the system was released on Wednesday.

While the upgrade is currently free of charge to owners of licensed copies of Windows 8 and Windows 7, it does come at a price. Several tech bloggers have warned that the privacy settings in the operating system are invasive by default, and that changing them involves over a dozen different screens and an external website. Continue reading ‘Incredibly intrusive’: Windows 10 spies on you by default


Geo-Engineering At Its Finest

Alex Jones & Dr. Edward Group discuss the latest way California is trying to fight back against the drought and how completely ridiculous their latest attempt is.

My Conclusion
I also put the video in the Humor because I found what Alex Jones said was funny.


Do You Work in One of These At-Risk Jobs?

As the economy takes a nosedive, find out if you’re in one of the industries threatened by automation. Hint: if you’ve been protesting for minimum wage hikes, you should probably wave hello to your robot replacement.


NAFTA’s Chapter 11 Makes Canada Most-Sued Country Under Free Trade Tribunals

Source:Huffington Post
Date:14 January 2015
Author: Sunny Freeman

Canada is the most-sued country under the North American Free Trade Agreement and a majority of the disputes involve investors challenging the country’s environmental laws, according to a new study.

The study from the left-leaning Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) found that more than 70 per cent of claims since 2005 have been brought against Canada, and the number of challenges under a controversial settlement clause is rising sharply.

The investor-state dispute settlement mechanism contained in NAFTA’s chapter 11 grants investors the right to sue foreign governments without first pursuing legal action in the country’s court systems, in order to protect foreign investors from discrimination. Drafters of the 1994 treaty included the provision to protect U.S. and Canadian investors against corruption in Mexican courts. Continue reading NAFTA’s Chapter 11 Makes Canada Most-Sued Country Under Free Trade Tribunals


Russia is Handing Out Cash to Start-up Small Farmers

Date: 12 August 2015
Author: Maria Karnaukh

A Russian goose entrepreneur

The growth of small entreprenurial farmers in Russia is a real phenomenon, as evidenced by natural food stores popping up everywhere, offering small farm produced natural food.

They have received a massive boost from the sanctions war.

A very well known one is called Lavka Lavka.  (See video below).   They have 100+ profiles of the small farmers which supply them on their website.  To get a sense of this new generation of small farmers, it is interesting to scroll down the list.  They are also featured in the video.

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Why Big Pharma hates legalized marijuana; painkillers, chemotherapy and psych drugs could be made obsolete

Source:Natural News
Date: 18 August 2015
Author:Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) When certain politicians and so-called health experts bellyache over the legalization of cannabis, it’s not because they’re worried about the children. It’s because cannabis is arguably the safest and most widely effective natural medicinal herb in existence, and its widespread acceptance would immediately render obsolete the gamut of pharmaceuticals that make the establishment drug barons (and their bought-and-paid-for lackeys in Congress) filthy rich.

No longer would the general population need to rely on side effect-laden painkiller drugs, psych meds and other deadly pharmaceuticals for relief from their chronic ailments — cannabis would replace all this and more, providing true healing to the masses for pennies on the dollar. Because cannabis is a plant that anyone can grow, it also threatens the centralized power structures that control modern medicine, not to mention the for-profit prison industry that banks on incarcerating non-violent drug offenders. Continue reading Why Big Pharma hates legalized marijuana; painkillers, chemotherapy and psych drugs could be made obsolete


California to throw adults in JAIL if they refuse government-mandated vaccines

Source:Natural News
Date: 10 August 2015
Author: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an incremental push right now by the controlling elite to force vaccinations on all Americans, both young and old. And this agenda is gaining considerable traction in California, where legislators are now moving forward with plans to force childhood vaccines on all adults who work in daycare centers, both private and public.

Senate Bill 792, also known as the “Day care facilities: immunizations: exemptions” act, was presented quietly alongside SB 277, which eliminates personal, philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions for children who attend both private and public schools in the Golden State. The bill, as recently heard by the California Assembly Human Services Committee, reads as follows:

This bill, commencing September 1, 2016, would prohibit a day care center or a family day care home from employing any person who has not been immunized against influenza, pertussis, and measles. Continue reading California to throw adults in JAIL if they refuse government-mandated vaccines


Economic Crisis: Soros-Linked Billionaire Buys Up Gold

Major gold purchase indicates coming financial collapse

Date: 17 August 2015
Author: Kit Daniels

A billionaire hedge fund manager linked to George Soros bought up gold shares after multiple financial experts warned a stock market crash is coming.

Stanley Druckenmiller, who runs Duquesne Capital after previously working for Soros, now owns 2.88 million shares of SPDR Gold Trust, making it his largest single holding and long position. Continue reading Economic Crisis: Soros-Linked Billionaire Buys Up Gold