Conspiracy Theorists, Why People Think You’re Crazy And How To Change It

Source:The Vinny Eastwood Show
Date: 30 June 2015
Author: Vinny Eastwood

One day you’re going to work,
Drinking on the weekends with your friends,
Spending money on things that make you happy,
Then several years later you can’t find a job,
Your friends don’t want to hang out with you any more,
Your family thinks you’re nuts,
You’re frustrated with everything and everybody,
You might have become a conspiracy theorist.

This scenario is all too familiar and it’s about time we come together to comprehend a few very important things, who we are, what’s happening to us and how we can deal with it.
Firstly, let’s define what we are and what we’re not,
To understand this fully requires the realization that there’s a spectrum and a bell curve,
So, no matter how clearly defined the parameters,
There are always extremes on either end of the scale to accommodate a minority,
But, the bulk of people usually cluster near the center in some form of balance.Firstly, what is a conspiracy theorist?
“A conspiracy theorist is a person who absolutely believes (and you cannot convince them otherwise) that powerful people who have a lot of influence, actually use their power to maintain or grow that influence.”

This appears perfectly reasonable at first glance and many people identify with this mentality, even people who outright reject most conspiratorial information.

Secondly, let’s note that conspiracy theorists are not big believers in coincidence,
“A coincidence Theorist is a person who believes everything happens by sheer coincidence, there’s no such thing as corruption, deceit or back room deals & mankind just ‘got over’ the desire for world domination”
Clearly to any rational person this mentality is completely insane.

Thirdly, let’s define how and why the establishment labels anyone who questions the official story a “conspiracy theorist”.
The “how” is easy, just call someone a conspiracy theorist and the connotations of insane, irrational, dope smoking idiots come charging in without 1 shred of substantiating evidence to support the assertion or even 1 seconds investigation into that persons claims.
This makes the words an effective weapon for conspirators and apologists not only to destroy their opposition but to prevent their own followers from joining them because of the fear of ridicule.“Conspiracy theorist was a term used by Richard M Nixon, he called Woodward and Bernstein ‘conspiracy theorists’ when he was getting nicked over the Watergate affair,
He also said ‘I am not a crook!’
It was later found out that he was part of a conspiracy…
And also a crook”

Why do they keep labeling people who tell the truth with this blanketed logical fallacy of ad-hominem & appeal to ridicule?
It comes down to 3 main elements,1 They’re part of the conspiracy itself and don’t want anyone to find out.

This is reasonably common as people directly involved with corruption and scumbaggery cannot disclose that they know certain things or be seen to be engaging openly in dialogues with those who accuse them of such.
So when a question is asked during a public meeting that said scumbag wishes not to answer,
They simply reply “that’s just a conspiracy theory”, the audience then laughs at the conspiracy theorist who will either sit down angrily, or get themselves removed by thugs while the crowd cheers.

2 They’re brainwashed

By far the most times you get called a conspiracy theorist is by ordinary people who actually have nothing to do with any nefarious activity.
It’s quite simple, they’ve been raised in a system of mass media propaganda, government funded public education and often intellectually absent forms of entertainment, coupled with a poor diet of nutrient deficient growth hormone laden GMO’s and sugary drinks, it’s no wonder they’re unable to think clearly.

3 They’re a conspiracy theorist themselves

One of the less well known and perplexing elements, when you get accused of being crazy by someone who’s crazier than you are.
Because conspiracy research occupies nearly every kind of research or thought imaginable it was inevitable that groups of real crazy conspiracy theorists would manage to convince themselves that they’re not crazy at all and instead compensate for their lack of self analysis by projecting all their madness onto others.

“Anyone who believes that every conspiracy theorist is insane, is clearly out of their mind,
Anyone who believes that no conspiracy theorists are insane, is completely out of their fucking mind!”

The element of madness has either been creeping in,
Laying dormant inside,
Or has always been dominant in the truth movement,
It seems to be getting more noticeable by the day as comment threads and message boards seem to be filling up with posts in ALL CAPS with at least twenty exclamation marks (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) after each sentence by fake accounts that have almost no followers that for some reason always manage to include the word “truth”, “sheep” or “jew” somewhere within their names.
That’s actually the real heart of the matter, to differentiate oneself from those people and instead stay calm, reasonable, well researched and personable.
Of course that’s an impossible task, because regardless of how awesome you are,
You’ll always run the risk of getting called names by brainwashed, psychopathic and crazy people.
But at least this way, you and the others like you will be able to quickly identify each other, because few things are worse than fighting people who agree with you and agreeing with people who hate you.What “Waking Up” really means.
Unlike traditional education and apprenticeships, there’s no form of authority there to grade you and prevent you from completely fucking up.
The truth movement is an open source education paradigm,
So without any form of qualifications up for grabs,
No rules or ranking systems and no instant “go-to” pre-approved manuals,
All resulting character attributes and defects become the responsibility of the individual who embodies them.

Some have advanced to genius levels of understanding, with a profound ability to communicate and help others to reach conclusions for themselves largely without anger or fear.

While others have become so paranoid and arrogant as to believe that they are never wrong and all who disagree with them are trained and paid government agents assigned to stalk and sabotage them.
So what does “waking up” mean?
In a very general way it could be compared to the word ‘disillusioned’,
Meaning: “disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed.”
I use that word because the majority of things the general public believe are beneficial or benign are in fact 100% pure and unadulterated scumbaggery, so, to go from one belief structure to the other triggers a number of negative feedback loops within our own psyche as the brain struggles to rewrite it’s own history and experience.

An emotional effect similar to the well known 5 stages of grief takes hold,
The five stages are:
1 Denial,
2 Anger,
3 Bargaining,
4 Depression
5 Acceptance.
Sadly, some won’t make it through all the stages and achieve acceptance, they might be stuck in one very difficult stage for the rest of their lives and create many ways to justify their anti-social behavior so they don’t have to take responsibility for it.
But anyway, in conspiracy terms, it works in this way:

You deny that there’s ruthless criminal sociopaths that run most of the world and try to convince yourself that you’re still free and continue to work a slave job that you hate for a boss who’s a scumbag in the hopes that it’ll all just blow over.

You get angry that there’s ruthless criminal sociopaths that run most of the world and the fact that neither your friends or family believes you, this makes you resent and direct your anger towards them, instead of the ruthless criminal sociopaths.


You get over the anger when you realize it’s not helping you and try to tone your behavior down when you talk about conspiracy, hinting rather than pointing it out directly, however, instead of telling the truth that people won’t believe, you start speaking in riddles that people don’t understand.
It’s at this point that many try to turn back as they begin to doubt that the truth is the truth and discover that it’s not worth the time or effort to try and help people, so many abandon this approach and proceed directly to stage 4, depression, without passing Go or collecting $200.


You begin to lose hope, you cry on occasion when thoughts hit you in the night, you retreat inwards and the amount of human contact you have shrinks massively because you are so down that you depress almost everyone you come into contact with by moaning about how bad it is that you’re being exterminated by psychopathic bankers.
At this stage, some people who’ve been involved in this vein for many years get overwhelmed and quit traveling down this road completely.
They return to the workforce, stop hanging out with any people who are conspiracy minded and ignore the news and most information sources in general, mostly because it reminds them of how depressing reality is and that they’ve convinced themselves that not doing anything to help humanity and keeping their heads down is the only way they will survive what’s coming. This also sometimes happens to people in the bargaining stage.


When arriving at acceptance it’s important to note that most people will never reach this stage.
It’s interesting, because there are many people who claim that they’ve “woken up” (like New Agers for example) who appear to be stuck in either the denial or bargaining stages in some kind of perverse mind game they play in an effort to prevent themselves getting in touch with any real anger they’re feeling.
This is a big mistake, obviously, because acceptance of this trauma of waking up means completely accepting that the other stages of grief exist as well.
You need to accept that you were in denial,
Accept that you were angry,
Accept that you foolishly tried bargaining your way out of it,
Accept that you were depressed,
Only now do you completely understand the nature of the problem you’re dealing with because you either are no longer part of that problem or at least clearly see the part you play and what can be done about it.

“What’s The Solution?”

Most people are still programmed to believe that to every problem there’s a solution, while possibly true,
The belief isn’t borne of hope, faith in themselves or others, it’s a belief derived from laziness and fear. Someone else will find the solution, share it with me and eliminate the need for me to do any reading or thinking for myself to gain understanding of the problem.

This is a very dangerous prospect as the world is full to the brim with psychopaths that promise all sorts of
glorious solutions that instead of helping the people, just acquire more power and wealth for themselves while they use their audience of unthinking irresponsible dupes as a cash cow and marketing tool.

So, I’m not going to tell you any “one size fits all” solutions,
I’m not going to lie and say “this is going to be easy”
I’m not going to over simplify the problems and say “If everyone did this one thing it’d solve everything”
Why not? Because it’s fucking reckless, irresponsible and borderline retarded.
Why do I say that?
Because the situation is far too complex for any one mind to comprehend or quantify.

Think of the human body for a moment, just your own body in fact, try to quantify every element that currently comprises it, every input and every output.
Can you name every single bone off the top of your head?
Can you tell exactly what function all your hormones are doing right now and what all their names and chemical/electrical compositions are?
Do you know how many times a day you breathe and exactly what quantity of oxygen you consume from the air on a daily basis?
What is the weight and composition of your stool, urine and sexual fluids you expel on average?
See? Even if you had to make an analysis of your own body,
Without constant comprehensive data collection plus nearly a decade of study and an entire team,
Simply answering those questions for a single human being is nearly impossible.
So why then, do we entrust any one person to provide us with a cure all for the planet’s systems?
Heck, it’s got an ecosystem, political system, banking system & justice system that are so full of problems, so full of scumbags and so misunderstood by the general public that it’s actually hilarious to suggest that any of them could be perfected in isolation let alone in concert with only a single idea.
Sound confusing?
Of course it does, it’s supposed to be, did you really believe a planet with quadrillions of living organisms & 7 billion people would only have 1 solution to save them all?
So let’s get back to the body analysis, imagine you prick your finger and blood starts pissing out of it, what do you do? You find a band aid, place it over the wound and then let the finger repair itself over time.
The “solution” isn’t to understand the whole system and try to solve all the problems that exist within it simultaneously, the solution comes down to each individual, seeing a small part of the problem that they understand and take personal responsibility for solving it by themselves.
I know this sounds kind of daunting and some things are exactly how they sound.
Myself for example, I saw that New Zealand mainstream media was totally dominating the airwaves and there were no regular radio shows or top ranked YouTube channels to oppose the propaganda they were pumping out or even so much as offer a counter point.

I took a look at myself at the time:

-I had plenty of money

-After several years of telemarketing I developed a great talent for talking, specifically how to translate complex and uninteresting convoluted garbage into easily comprehensible language

-Had a passionate interest in all things conspiracy

-Always wanted to be a film maker

So I took personal responsibility for the problem I saw, quit my job, bought an iMac and a camera, started filming public meetings and protests and learned how to do everything myself.
After uploading videos for a year or 2 I started a radio show a few years later, the first few years were very tough and without support from my wife at the time I surely would have failed.
But, I didn’t ask for help BEFORE I started,
I didn’t ask for A SOLUTION,
I didn’t try to get a qualification to learn how to do it correctly,
I simply saw a problem which others appeared to be making progress on and followed their example.

This same approach that I implemented by instinct might work for others,
1 Try finding a problem that you’re passionate about fixing,
2 Pull apart its elements to find one little part of that overall problem that you kind of understand or think you have a solution for or at least make a difference by yourself.
3 Analyze what your own skills are based on your life and experience and find a way of incorporating your natural talents into your work.
4 Look to see if others have done something similar and follow their example
5 Taking that first step is very rare and the vast majority of people will never take it because it requires faith in yourself and a determination to achieve your goals regardless if your family, friends and entire world is against you (and they will be).

But that’s only if you’re actually motivated to do something, most aren’t, traditionally around 95% of populations stand idly by while the world is changed around them by only 5% of people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world by themselves (and they do).
The important element is knowing the difference between you and someone you admire, know you cannot ever BE that person who inspired you and you should not try to be, however if you do, you’ll likely refine your own way of doing things as time progresses.
A huge mistake is thinking the entire world’s problems are small enough for you to solve,
An even bigger mistake is believing you’re powerless to solve any of them.
“Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something”

“The 7th Man”
Statistically it takes about 7 different people to tell you something contrary to your belief system before you’ll consider abandoning it (not the same person repeating it to you 7 times), this is a bell curve of course, so some might only need to be told by one person and others may need to be told by a hundred thousand different people over the course of a lifetime.
If you’re the first person to walk up to someone and say:
“Hey! Did you know the world is run by ruthless criminal sociopathic scumbaggery?”
The likelihood is they’ll call you a conspiracy theorist or some other insult then ridicule and ignore you.
However, if you’re the 7th person to walk up to them and say: “Hey! Did you know the world is run by ruthless criminal sociopathic scumbaggery?”
There’s a much greater likelihood that this person will say something like: “You know, a lot of people been saying that lately…” and start asking you questions about it instead of denying it outright or being abusive.
Unless you’re pretty clued up and calm, trying to convince them of any particular element of conspiracy without the oodles of documents and graphics that convinced you just lying around, it might backfire when you start ripping into reptilians, chem trails and the flat earth.
People are all individuals & it’s very difficult to tell by assumption alone which conspiracy elements they’re prepared to accept and the best approach is to not even try to convince them at all.

You weren’t “woken up” by conversation you had on the streets with a complete stranger for 5 minutes, you woke up because you spent countless hours researching, reading, watching documentaries and listening to alternative talk radio, no one put a gun to your head and made you do it and you wouldn’t have done it if they had.
The fact is you literally can’t “wake people up” in the broad sense of the word because, like you, they also have to undergo the exact same grief process you did.
So you can easily point them in the right direction by mentioning a good documentary or maybe a good website, but if you try to list or explain everything you’ve learned, you’re going to overload them, they will stop listening and start thinking you’re a crazy person and then you’ve really fucked it up haven’t you?

The best piece of advice I ever got was “don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t take what others say about you personally”, I thought I understood it the first time I heard it, but it was about a year later that its meaning truly sunk in.
What it really means is that you can’t force others to think or act the way you want them to, so when you try to force them to adopt a belief, they won’t like it and you will get a massive feeling of rejection, the exact same kind of rejection any salesman gets when people don’t want to buy what they’re selling, but do they just quit and feel bad for themselves? Do they revisit the same unreceptive person over and over again?
No, they knock on the next door and try again with someone completely different.
In conspiracy terms I call this approach “The information grenade”
You pull the pin, chuck it in and walk away, maybe it’ll blow up in their face later.
Having an attachment to the outcome is ill advised, if you’re having a conversation,
Just change what you’re talking about.
I found this lesson with my family, when they bring up conspiracy stuff that’s when I talk to them about it, but I no longer bring it up first because I’ve done so many times already.
Remembering that you still have common ground with people is essential to surviving as part of society, the problem is that we forget how we used to get along with people.
Truthers often forget that they liked having dinner together with family, swapping stories, talking about music or movies, playing card games etc and it’s essential that you remind yourself to participate in such non-truther activities, only because to do otherwise means your social circles close up and you’re left isolated.
I met an ex-vegan the other night, he said that at his house everything is vegan, vegan bread, vegan pasta the whole 9 yards, but, when he goes out for dinner at a restaurant or a friends place, he eats meat and animal products, why? Because if he was full on vegan 24/7 he knew he’d never be able to enjoy a meal with the people in his life which is essential for normal social function.
The same rule goes for conspiracy theorists, unless you’re willing to make compromises for the valued people in your life who don’t share your beliefs and keep one foot in the matrix as it were, you come off like some kind of born again religious zealot trying desperately to save people, and let’s face it, you wouldn’t invite one of them into your house for dinner so they can rant and rave about how you’re all going to hell if you don’t convert.

An essential survival tool both for your brain and your social life is having a good laugh, let’s face it, no one, no matter how staunch, how balanced or intelligent can maintain their sanity for long without releasing the tension.
So if things are getting to you,
You’re concerned about the Fukushima radiation in your fish,
Upset that trade deals are undermining your nations sovereignty or frightened that the US has bought a few million guillotines, lay off the facebook for a few days, ignore the news and watch some comedy, hang out with friends, tell some lame jokes.
Just remind yourself that the whole world isn’t your responsibility and that it won’t fall apart if you take a couple days off.
Your first responsibility is yourself, if you drive yourself crazy by taking yourself too seriously and alienating everyone in your personal life, you’re not going to help wake people up and you’re deluded if you think you’re awake and they’re not.
After all, just because we’re being exterminated, doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun, otherwise, what’s the point of being killed?