Authoritarian World Government Less Than Six Months Away – Lord Monckton On Paris Climate Summit

Date: 7 July 2015
Author: Rick Wells

Lord Christopher Monckton is an expert on the world totalitarian coup and scam that is the UN Global Warming hoax. He was interviewed on the PP Simmons program about the current push for world government under a climate guise and the involvement of Pope Francis, as well as many other interesting and dangerous aspects of the increasingly frenetic push to force us into compliance.

He notes how self-government is increasingly becoming unpopular with the governing class, noting the underlying drive behind the UN climate change hysteria has been, from the start, the establishment of a United Nations global government.

He points out that much of the structure for the global government has already been established in secret, with the upcoming December Paris climate summit being a key gathering for promoting the scam.

He talks of the supra-national global bureaucracy to establish what is now being referred to as a “governing body,” rather than a world government due, Moncton says, to the outcry after he exposed their plans in 2009.

He describes how it has all been kept hidden but what he sees is very clearly a grab for absolute power, absolute wealth and absolute glory for a small clique in the bureaucratic and governing class. Monckton says that while it may all sound ridiculously extreme, reading the text of the UN documents makes it clear that it is the implementation of an authoritarian dictatorial global government.

He pulls back the curtain on some of the details of the scam and its implementation.

Be ready America, we’ve got a fight on our hands.


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