Abbott Targeting Muslims and Hindus for forced Vaccinations?

Soon there will no religion exemption when come to Vaccination. Vinny Eastwood is covering about “no jab no pay with Dr Rima Laibow” It took me over a decade to find out what really causes Autism. I was autistic and when I found out I was autistic I wanted answers but no is going to tell not event the doctors. Big Pharma is in all for the money and they lobby the government to have their agenda achieved.

From Matthew Miller
A New Zealander
Eco Liberty Blogger.


Looks like the Abbott ( I won’t be vaccinating my daughters) has found a way to save Government Funds, just a thought….Mick Raven

Islam in Australia is a minority religious affiliation. According to the 2011 census, 476,291 people, or 2.2% of the total Australian population –

Immunizations – Harmful to your Child or Not?


By Dr. Aisha Hamdan

“Immunizations the best thing to protect your child from a variety of diseases.”

You hear this from your doctor from the media, from the brochures in the clinic, from your friends. But, did you ever stop to think twice about what it all means?

Did you ever look deeper into the issue and the other side of the story?

Well let’s read on…..

Your child is just born and one of the first things you do is call the clinic to schedule an appointment for your first “well-baby” visit. During the visit…

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