The Secret Power Of The Car Revealed

Elites move to alter human destiny by controlling technology

Alex Jones breaks down just why the elites hate the automobile.


My Conclusion

As I watch the video Although Alex Jones is a believe in God and Christ. And I my point of view that I been a believer in Jesus Christ for almost 8 years from October 2005 to September 2013 because I begin to that Christianity wasn’t true to me due the bible contradictions. At least Alex Jones is thinking smart about when cover the Roman 13 contradictions as he went over the related versus in the old testament. Thing is that I don’t created Eco Liberty to Dictate people’s belief and their religion. People of all religion and belief are free to visit Eco Liberty in a search for news and idea. Word Devil or Satan means “slanderer or accuser” and the people who really care about other people and they want the world for themselves. As an Atheist I believe in separate in Church and State because that mean everyone is a insider not outsider.