On The GCSB, Spying And The Panopticon Effect Or Why Nicky Hager Is Naïve And We Are All In Danger

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

I have met Nicky Hager and been to lectures and speeches of his. I have corresponded with him via email on various occasions and subjects and I really like his intelligence, his professionalism, integrity and attention to detail.  I also really like him on a personal level and contributed twice to his legal fund.

I think I read all his books and I learned a great deal about New Zealand politics and the role this country plays in the Anglo-Saxon empire.

BUT…. and that is a big but, I will never ever understand why he stops were he stops when assessing the events he uncovers within the bigger picture. It is as if he only wants to address the one issue that he can prove without drawing conclusions that might be  too scary to contemplate.

I mean here is a journalist whose house has been raided and whose computers have…

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