What so troubling about TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) and why the government trying to keep it secret?

Eco Liberty
8 March 2015
Written by Matthew Miller

Why so Secret?
It any government willing to keeping something secret because they have agenda that is only for better the government itself or any organisation interest; rather the interest of the public. For example like the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) is being kept secret because the National government has an agenda to made it better only for the corporate’s interest, not for the better of the public in any of the 12 pacific nations who sign onto the Trans Pacific Partnership deal. As government trying kept agenda secret by having the media to deceive the public about the government’s agenda by making the public think the opposite what the agenda is about, by keeping the public distracted by convening public “for the government is a good thing for the country”.

What Happen when the Government secret Agenda is exposed?
When people found out what our government is up to and what their secret agenda is; and it’s been blown wide open. Government who try to kept their agenda secret and fail because the public had found about Government’s secrets agenda is about. That can delay or hinder or put an end the Government’s secret agenda and cause their agenda to fail. Only time the government can success with their secret agenda, is when the people stay distracted and unware happening around them and only very few people are aware of their secret agenda.
What is so troubling about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement?
From what we know so far, if the negotiations are completed it will become much harder for the New Zealand government to look after our environment, promote health, protect workers and consumers, and promote the public interest:
1. Most restrictions on foreign investment will be frozen and rolled back even further.
2. Big overseas companies will be able to sue the New Zealand government for millions in damages in secretive offshore tribunals, claiming that new laws and regulations (for example, a ban on fracking, smoking control laws, or a cap on electricity prices) have seriously undermined the value of their investments.
3. Medicines will become more expensive as big pharmaceutical companies gain more influence over PHARMAC, and restrictions are placed on generic medicines.
4. Copyright laws will be toughened and more harshly enforced, restricting internet freedom and access to information, costing libraries, schools, and businesses, and stifling innovation.
5. Parallel importing will be banned, meaning that New Zealanders, especially the poor, will have to pay far more for all sorts of ordinary products.
6. Foreign banks, insurance companies and money traders will gain more powers to challenge laws designed to prevent another financial crisis; and overseas property dealers could contest moves to burst the property bubble, such as a capital gains tax.

Consequences to New Zealand’s freedom and it’s economy once the TPPA is in place
Once the National Government have TPPA successfully into place here in New Zealand. Here the possible and inevitable consequences to New Zealand’s freedom and it’s economy.
Food Bill 160-2 will be into law. Once the National Government have TPPA successfully into place here in New Zealand. The Food Bill 160-2 will have to be passed and brought into law because the Corporations like Monsanto, and other Big Agribusiness will be able to sue the New Zealand government for not allowing Genetically Modified Organisms to grown here on New Zealand farms; and disallowing herbicide and pesticide to be used. The Food Bill 160-2 allows Genetically Modified Organism to be grown onto New Zealand farms once it’s passed into Law. Growing and Producing your own food. Produce contain GMOs will remain unlabelled and laws will be passed to disallow GMOs to labelled.
Internet freedom will be removed. The Copyrights will be toughen and restricting information and what information you allow to read and have. The alternative media webpage will be shutdown, like Eco Liberty, The Vinny Eastwood Show, Infowars, Conspiracy Oz and more. The government will shut down the old internet and the new internet 2 in place with it will be more government control.
Herbal Medicine will be made illegal because Big Pharma will have control what medicine we can have. Big Pharma never have many interest of making us healthy because they will not making as much money. So they will want us to keeping taking their meds which they will be expensive. Big Pharma will not want government allowing people taking herbal Medicine because they will made well and cause them to sue the government. Big Pharma want people to taking more and more and more meds and be sure you get vaccination and it will be enforced upon you if you refuse it. TPPA equals an open door to medial enslavement and tyranny.
If the Corporations have the power to sue governments, they maybe well be the government. This will lead to a Corporate Totalitarianism. Because the people will be slaves the corporation and they will paying the cost after their government got sue and lost by the Corporations.
Hinders small Businesses. Corporation hates competition and it they see any competition they will sue the government so they will be sure the government will not allow anyone creating a business. And there will be no middle class, it will be just us and them.
Oil Companies and Mining Companies can make as pollution as they want. Not only just that, they will be drilling as much wells and mining pit as their greedy hearts decides. When things goes wrong for them and create massive amount of pollution either on land or in the sea and they don’t have to clean it up.
Whaler and Trawlers. They also will be catching as much whales and fish as their greedy hearts decides.
Environmental Issues. Corporation will be care how much pollution put out and not willing to clean the mess they will make. The environmental Issue that is going on is the smelly Landfills, water and air pollution, over fishing, untreated sewerage water and deforestation and the Corporation will not give a s**t about it.
Devastating Consequences Indeed that TPPA will bring
This form Corporation Totalitarianism has very devastating consequences that will have the New Zealand freedom and economy and its hard to believe it going come to past. If the National Government to allow it and if the people allow it. And the question is what can we do about?


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