Texas bills seek further privilege for the religious, entangle religion and government

You’re undoubtedly aware that the Texas State Legislature is busy churning out bills left and right to entangle religion and government. This is a heads up on some of that legislation, and what you can do about it. We are asking for action from you on the first two bills summarized below.

Bill to legalize religious discrimination

Do you remember the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision that allowed for-profit corporations to exercise their so-called “religious conscience” in order to restrict employees’ access to contraceptives? Have you been watching the legal battles over cake decorators and municipal clerks who want to be able to discriminate against gay couples in the name of “religious freedom?” Now a bill has been introduced in your state that would afford legal protection to any person (or corporation) who chooses to discriminate or otherwise break the law in the name of their personal religion. This is one of many Texas bills introduced this legislative session that would disproportionately privilege the religious. Continue reading Texas bills seek further privilege for the religious, entangle religion and government

Smart meters: power companies know when you’re home

NZ Stuff
12 February 2015
Ben Heather

Absolute power: Commissioner warns that power companies know when you’re home thanks to smart meters.

They know when you’re out and when you go to bed.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner yesterday fired a warning shot at power companies over the huge amounts of private details that smart meters collect every day.

In a memo, the office said such meters, which are now installed in more than a million New Zealand homes and businesses, could take electricity readings detailed enough to determine whether customers were using high-energy appliances, such as ovens or heaters, and when they had left the house.

But power companies said it was not possible to gather that level of detail, and all private electricity information was stored securely.

The office had received a growing number of complaints concerning smart meters, with customers claiming the collection of their real-time electricity readings amounted to a breach of privacy. Continue reading Smart meters: power companies know when you’re home

Secret Deadly Household Products Exposed

Consumers unknowingly use deadly chemicals everyday
Dr. Edward Group and Anthony Gucciardi break down the deadly chemicals that consumers use everyday.

Even if you are aware of dangerous additives, chances are you still have contaminates inside your house that are actually killing you by giving you cancer and hormonally destroying your body.