Your Privacy, Health & Money, Smart Meters Can Take It All Away

Published on Feb 3, 2015

Katherine Smith from goes into detail about the threats to privacy, the increased cost and adverse health effects of wireless smart meter technology.
A very sobering reminder that corporatism is already here.

My Conclusion

The power companies use government and law to force to accept smart meter and the smart meter are a major privacy and health concern and its also hackable because it can be access with Wifi. Problem is people in New Zealand are just accepting the smart meter with no question and they done with electricity, gas and they thinking about water smart meters.
Good thing is that if you haven’t got smart meter and something that you can do is put a padlock on the meter box also a sign say “Stop! do not install a smart meter. But Meter Readers are welcomed to come to read the meter” But if you do have smart meter on your house and getting it removed will be difficult.