Council rangers could test hi-tech wearable devices to monitor illegal parking

Daily Telegraph
John Morcombe
Manly Daily
January 08, 2015

Giuseppe Porcelli of TechBeach

But the company behind it will have to prove to the council that its product is better than the device the council is already using.

TechBeach says it has worked with Google to develop software for Google Glasses that will let rangers crosscheck car registration plates with the council’s database­ to check if a car is parked in an area where it is authorised to park.

The information will appear on the Google Glasses worn by the rangers, telling him or her that the car is owned by a local resident and is parked legally.

TechBeach digital chief executive officer Giuseppe Porcelli said he hopes Manly Council rangers will begin testing the Google Glasses by the end of this month and said the company was also in talks with other Sydney councils.

“We’re confident it will work well,” he said.

“It’s working already – were just improving the quality of the software – but we’re confident Manly Council will pick it up and find it useful. At the moment, we just want to show the council its capabilities.”

Manly Council general manager Henry Wong said the product was still in its proof-of-concept phase of the development cycle.

“If the proof of concept confirms that this device had operational potential, then controlled field testing will be the next step and only when it has proved reliable for enforcement and legal purposes will rangers test them in the “beta phase” of the development cycle,” he said.

“As a matter of caution, we should not get too far ahead of ourselves at this early stage of the concept.

“In the council’s assessment, this is not going to be a straightforward process but one that will involve many iterations. It will need to involve other wearable smart devices to drive the product as well.”