Little Girl Dies After Flu Shot Injection

January 7, 2015
Rob Dew

Media purposefully ignores lethal adverse reactions to vaccines

Once again the medical industrial complex is pushing the flu scare to new heights.

Unfortunately parents, the elderly and the ignorant will roll up their sleeves and their children’s to inject this toxic cocktail into their bodies.

Every year Infowars is forced to keep account of the victims who are dead or debilitated by flu vaccines. Leave it to the mainstream media to run cover for the eugenics mafia and not ask the obvious hard questions of the by-design side effects of this deadly shot. RIP victims of the New World Order.

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My Conclusion

I was diagnose with Autism when I was about her age and believe I could be injected with a vaccine that contained mercury and years later parents still never realize they been conned. When found was autistic and lucky I still have my human instinct maybe because I was feeling the rage with I found I was autistic. My Doctor would never help and mother was still willing to go along with Big Pharma’s fraud. Even my teacher aid was trying to get to go along with the fraud. I still wanted answers and it took me over decade to get answers.
This was so unfortunate to the 3 years girl and her parent and they were not so lucky. Eco Liberty will continue to cover and keep account of the victims that have been injected with deadly shots; From Big Pharma and the New World Order.