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Date: 29 December 2015
Author: Matthew Miller

Through 2015 I been living my brother’s place just south of Whangarei in a rural area and I hated the place because a lack of space for my garden and I can do my DIY projects. While progress going at snail pace and taking forever to have the house finished. The building of the house didn’t start until mid-May 2015 because the engineering report and the council approval which took several months to get it done.

It got worse when the internet got even more slow and unreliable. When came to a point that I got tired of being frustrated and angry over the internet being slow and unreliable. So start going to café to use their Wi-Fi which was more reliable and it quicker but when do that; the laptop battery only up to 2 hours. And there another problem, is the cost of travelling and I start only going to the café twice a week and I was only blogging about 4 hours a week and I normally blog for about an average of 20 hours a week. I try to get help but no one was willing to help me. I felt discourage because I through that would be the beginning of the end of Eco Liberty. The builder snail pace speed and the lack of help would cause Eco Liberty to fail. As I grew more inpatient of moving and I know that I not going to give in the discouragement and defeat. On the 19 November 2015 is when I start writing this Christmas Newsletter for my viewers to read. When I about to give the discourage and defeat just because the internet in place when I’m living is slow and unreliable and start using the wi-fi at the café, although wi-fi is going to affect my health due EMF radiation; I might have to spend more money on petrol to travel to the café to use the internet, so what if that what going to take to keep Eco Liberty going and I might go broke as Christmas is fast approaching and unable to afford to buy family some presents or my sister’s 21st Birthday gift. So I’m just going to make for what I have although my views count on Eco Liberty hits an all-time low, thing is it will recover.

On 5 December I finally moved to my new house. But there still one problem because I was unable to get internet get until the 21 December which that 2 weeks and before that I still cafes to use their internet but there still another problem is that I still WiFi which will affect me overtime which it is and starting to find it hard to think straight. I’m thinking get an internet router and hocking it up with the internet cable to my computer so I don’t get affect by the side effect of EMF pollution or dirty electricity.
But there still been some good moments in 2015 From Happy Thanks giving 2015

Although I’m a New Zealander I know that Thanks giving day is celebrated in the United States of America. But I a lot to be thankful for. Since I launch the Eco Liberty Blog on WordPress and been learning and gaining opportunities, by learning from the mistakes I make, the comment that I receive from viewers, the news and idea I research while surfing the internet either reading articles, blogs and watching video on YouTube. Learning as I go by trial and error and that what going to Eco Liberty website to be a website to visit because if ‘I build it, they shall come’ I have been building the site for getting to 2 years and been getting several peaks within two years, Eco Liberty been getting popular since I launch it. And for all my effort I put into make Eco Liberty website work and that something that I’m thankful for.

2015 haven’t been the best years for gardening for me because I living in I don’t a good area to do my planting. And I been struggling to keep my gardening and green thumb enthusiasm because the house is taking a very long time be completed. Back in September I start sowing seed and when the completion of the house is near so started sowing tomatoes, chilli, bell peppers, watermelon, cucumber and tobacco; even that there are plants that I gave it a go and fail with it; like watermelon and eggplant; even that I’m still going to try again and success for the first time with them and that what it means to be a green finger. One you get good with a skill them you can teach and share the skills that you’re good at, but it no good to share and teach other people skill that you’re no good at that why you do have put yourself first because you got to learn to take case for yourself before you able take care of other people. I’m still in the process of learning to take care of myself and learning to own food and medicine is something I’m thankful for.

The new home in the town in Waipu 40 km south of Whangarei and 120 km north of Auckland was taking a very long time to be completed and I was living my brother’s and my sister-in-law’s place for almost a entire year. Although it took almost 7 months for the house to be completed but will be thankful once I moved in and I should be in my new home by next month. As saw the concrete getting pour for the driveway and the patio. And I’m looking forth to moving in and I’m thankful to have house that going to be a beautiful home to live in once I move into this beautiful built home in New Zealand.

22092015 155On 7 August 2015 I become an uncle after my sister-in-law gave to a baby boy. As each months went on I see my nephew grew to be a beautiful boy. I learning by seeing my brother and sister-in-law of how they take care of him. I was excited to see nephew being born into this world. I’m thankful to be uncle and I’m looking forth to see nephew grow and see what destiny lies for him.

A year on September 2014 I choose to be an atheist after I left Christianity back on September 2013 because I knew that Christianity was not a true religion for me, after I beginning to have major doubts about God’s and Jesus’s existence, and when I decide to not just believe in the bible but try understand what does the words in the bible mean; and I through that would strengthen my faith in God but the more I learn and begin to lose faith in God and I begin to discover flaws, faults and errors in the bible and I was stocked that I knew that Christianity and bible itself is not true and it a religion that I should never be part of in the first place. But leaving the Christian religion was more liberating and discover the freedom to out of the Christian but the leaving any religion is never easy and it something required so much courage. I’ll say that “leaving Christianity the best decision have ever made and I’m thankful for that choice that I have made and became an atheist, a humanist, a freethinker.
What I have in mind for 2016
That is also a part of Eco Liberty agenda, as well of getting my some of DIY projects finished.

IMG_2332 The Garden and Rain Gutter Grow System: I got the Rain Gutter Grow System idea from Larry Hall’s you tube and I build the first one by 2014 and I grow beetroot and got 450 gram (1 proud) As soon I moved into new house in December 2015 I start dig up 1.8 by 3.6 metres (6 by 12 feet) which take me a day to dig up the ground for one garden bed and I planned to dig the ground for 4 1.8 by 3.6 metres (6 by 12 feet) garden bed so I can grow root vegetable plant like potatoes and carrot big vegetables plants like corn, pumpkin, watermelon and more. There an area I will be setting up my Rain Gutter Grow System. Also my shed that will be used a workshop for my DIY (do it yourself) projects.

IMG_0335 Solar still: One my DIY that I choose to get it a go and the result was not as expected so what I did go wrong. The first one that I made out of wood and I use black silicon for the inside because black assort heat but even that the result was still not as expected. I upgrading the second Solar still I built by add the solar tube that I going to make myself; to the Solar still so heat the water in the still more effectively and the Solar Still work more effectively. Also thinking about add insulation to my solar still to help to keep heat in.

Upgrading the Eco Liberty website: As coming up to 2 years of running the Eco Liberty website and I was thinking about giving the Eco Liberty website a new look with the 2014 theme by replacing the 2010 theme. Also the Eco Liberty is about to soon surpass the 10,000 all times views milestone. In 2015 Eco Liberty visitors have almost tripled the 2014 visitors. Look like 2015 for Eco Liberty have been a great year for website. Also thinking about getting the Eco Liberty Broadcast and Report going again in 2016. Eco Liberty 2.0 is going to better than Eco Liberty 1.0 because with the new features. The image one on the right when I was testing the 2014 theme

12096022_432238533630222_6525129852679744755_nToothpaste and Deodorant made with coconut oil: With I start rubbing my armpits with deodorant made with coconut mix with essential oil lavender and tea tree, baking soda and arrowroot. It starting to help and not only rub around my armpits but also my genital area and that also help to keep the odour at bay. Another recipe I found online is to how to make you own toothpaste with coconut oil which I’m willing to give it a try. I’m also wanting to promote the Deodorant on Eco Liberty and sell some in the local are first to help to support Eco Liberty and will have the DIY page for recipes to make homemade Deodorant with essential oils.

Improve maintain my Health: Some I wanting to do is to get myself into better shape and be in better health. Since 2006 I been gaining weight after I stop going to the gym and I was not getting as much exercise as I should be. Back in 2006 I was 72 kilograms (159 Pounds) In 2015 now I’m 92 kilograms (203 pounds ) and my height is 1.79 metres (5 feet, 10 inches) tall and my idea weight is around 70kg (154 lbs) to up 80kg (176 lbs). I getting hay fever very frequently throughout the year and I late 2015 I found Vitamin Company call Amazonia; in New Zealand I went to a herbal medicine store I found some Amazonia product and I decide to buy one and give it a try. When I start taking it my hay fever was getting better and I can breathe clearly though my nose but as I stop taking it for ages the Hay fever comes back and getting blocked nose again. I found that the Amazonia products are good and was helping me quite a bit. Keeping myself well and healthy is very important because I got to be in good healthy able to my work on Eco Liberty and my projects. That’s why I need my viewers support so can do more on Eco Liberty.

I hope you all have enjoy 2015 and time to plan your new year’s resolution and see what will 2016 bring?

A freedom to exist both ecological and economical

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