Beavers damned for increasing threat from methane

The Climate Change alarmist or fake environmentalism movement are blaming Beavers population increase for the increase of methane. When are they going to stop pushing fear on people and tell us that the animals and we’re to be blamed.

Permaculture Hamilton

Beaver with dam, by Marcin Klapczynsk. Beaver with dam, by Marcin Klapczynsk.

The growth of the world’s beaver population to more than 
10 million has led to a big increase in one of the main 
greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

-- By Alex Kirby, Climate News Network
LONDON, 21 December, 2014 − For a picture of industrious innocence, beavers are hard to beat. Yet they now find themselves facing a grave charge: they are, it seems, responsible for increasing greenhouse gas emissions. The problem, Canadian scientists say, lies in the shallow ponds that form behind the dams the beavers build. The ponds are essential to the animals’ way of life. Unfortunately, they’re also good places for generating methane. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and in the short term it does much more damage than the far more abundant carbon dioxide. There is now international agreement that methane is 34 times more…

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