Police go hi-tech with new drink-driving crackdown

NZ Stuff
29 November 2014

Motorists suspected of drink-driving can now have their fingerprints taken and stored on a police database in the upgraded Tasman Police booze bus.

The booze bus biometrics system is one of two new crime-fighting tools that will be out on the road this summer – and reinforced by tougher new limits on drink driving.

The technology will allow officers at roadside checkpoints to electronically scan fingerprints and take digital photographs. They can confirm a suspect’s identity, compare their biometric data to existing records, and store new information.

It will be able to catch out anyone who uses a fake driver licence or provides false details, said Tasman road policing team leader Senior Sergeant Grant Andrews.

Police can also check whether a driver has outstanding demerit points or warrants for arrest.

“It gives us a whole lot more powers that we can invoke in the time on the roadside that we may not have done in the past.”

Police will also be using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, which can scan up to 3000 vehicles an hour.

The camera, which is mounted on top of a patrol car, scans the number plates of passing vehicles and feeds the information to a computer inside the vehicle.

It can identify whether the vehicle is registered, unsafe, stolen, or linked to a crime in real time.

“It’s just another tool for finding people that are wanted,” Andrews said. “We’re not looking for the average Joe Citizen, we’re looking for the people who shouldn’t be on the road or who are wanted by police for other matters.”

Meanwhile, police say they believe the lower drink-driving limit and a zero tolerance for speed will reduce death and carnage on Tasman roads.

On Monday the drink-driving limit drops from 400 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath to 250mcg for drivers over 20.

Under the new law, most people would be able to drink up to two standard drinks in the first hour and no more than one an hour after that without exceeding the limit.

However, alcohol tolerance was different for everyone and depended on factors like gender, body mass, food consumption and fatigue.

My Conclusion:

The New Zealand Government are make law tougher like lowering the drink driving limit from 400 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath and yes down to 250 micrograms for drivers over 20. And they ask for your fingerprint and police keep in their database yes in their database; which that a sacrifice to you privacy just in the name of catching the criminals. Benjamin Franklin quoted “those you give their liberties for safety, deserves neither”. If New Zealand don’t wake up; New Zealand will soon be in a totalitarian state and it not too late yet to wake up and realize what happening around you and pull away from the system as much as you can.