The New Zealand Mainstream Media still pushes the Climate Hoax

Eco Liberty
Matthew Miller
4 November 2014

When I Look at the New Zealand Mainstream Media I was digested; because there had been no global warming for 18 years according to The Lord Monckton Foundation and only 0.5% of warming is cause by CO2. Look at the Medieval warm period which it had been warn than today and has been periods warmer than today also than have been periods colder than today, like 1816 they faced a year without summer because of the Eruption of Mount Tambora and cause global cooling lead to corp failures around the northern hemisphere and the worst famine in the 19th century. Large Eruption has been known to cause global cooling because the ash cloud block out the sun light. Plants and animals prefer warmer weather and global warming is like a party to the plants and animals; its the colder period that it harsh to the life on earth.

Plant need CO2 to breathe and make Photosynthesis work inside the plant itself and bring forth oxygen for us and animal to breathe and the Carbon cycle repeat. For life to exist on the planet; we need Oxygen, Water, Sunlight and Carbon Dioxide; we got have those four.

How did the Change Climate scarce begin by the Hard Left Wing when the Berlin Wall Fall and The Left Wing have find somewhere to go and it was the environmental movement that the Hard Left Wing took it over. As the Left Wing propaganda got on media it deceiving people into about CO2 being bad and we are to blame.

And here one the New Zealand Mainstream article From TV 3 New webpage “Climate Change will ‘transform’ the planet”

The United Nations delivered its sharpest warning to date about climate change today.

It says we need to stop burning fossil fuels by the end of the century, or face catastrophic consequences.

It’s being called the most important ever document on climate change and the prognosis for humanity is grim: stop burning fossil fuels by 2100, or risk catastrophic warming – that’s a global rise in average temperatures of up to 5degC.

“If greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise at the current rate, we face the prospect of a global rise in average temperature of about five degrees or more by the end of the century, which is something the earth hasn’t seen for tens of millions of years and would completely transform the planet,” says Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit’s Richard Black. “Sea levels would start rising by several metres, there’ll be shifts in extreme weather. It would disrupt the lives of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people around the world.”

For more than 200 years, fossil fuels have fed our thirst for cheap energy. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says we need to wean ourselves off it by the end of this century to have a chance at keeping global warming to less than 2degC – the maximum the IPCC thinks we can safely get away with.

However carbon emissions are still rising to record levels, as developing nations like China and India use cheap coal to fuel economic growth.

And one local researcher says the greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere will linger for centuries.

“As long as you keep accumulating them, it keeps warming and so really you need to drive net emissions back down to zero,” says Dave Frame of Victoria University’s Climate Research Institute.

Some in the industry are looking towards life after fossil fuels. For example, Z Energy has begun constructing a plant that will convert meat waste into 20 million litres of renewable biodiesel every year.

World leaders are being lobbied to make strong commitments at a climate summit in Paris next year and our Government says a global agreement is crucial.

“If we don’t see rather more progress by the end of 2015, really we face a very serious situation,” says Minister for Climate Change Issues Tim Groser.

“If we bequeath our children out-of-control climate change, then really we are bequeathing them a disaster,” says Green Party co-leader Russel Norman.

It’s a disaster the United Nations says we can only avoid if we switch to renewable energy sources.

It all about deindustrialization and Agenda 21 and One World Governement coming into place

Fossil Fuel have done good in the past 200 years like providing us electricity, fuel for our cars, heaters for warmth, cooking food. Also help to economy with industrialization. Yes there have been issues like coal fried power plants causing air pollution, oil spills. But until there some technology was invented to make coal fried power plants more cleaner by having a Gasification or Scrubber technology install into the plant and the only emission exits the flue is Carbon dioxide; also the having plant well maintained.

Now the mainstream tell that fossil fuels need to be phased out and get us to rely on those bird killing wind turbines and they don’t produce a lot of power and solar is not very good on a large scale and they a lot of land. If fossil fuel is phased out means back to the stone age.

All this Climate Change scarce is about control, enslavement and totalitarian about pushing Agenda 21 and World Government also deindustrialization and it’s has nothing to do with the environment and nothing to do with human progress.

The good news is that we stand up and reject their lies and propaganda that the Left Wing trying to deceive into submitting a One World Totalitarian Government by the mainstream media.

My Conclusion:
I will continue covering or writing articles or videos that will expose the Climate Change Hoax the mainstream media continue to push as long the internet is still free while I still have a voice. Soon enough there would some free energy technology available that require little or no fossil fuel to run your own home.