The Fall Of McDonalds: Special Report

Alex Jones looks at the trending slump in McDonalds sales and how the franchise hopes to revive their sub-food business model with their LeBron James led casino gulag styled Monopoly Game.………………………

My Conclusion:
For me; when I last have a meal at McDonald was in April 2013 which that 18 months ago and when last went a fast food restaurant was at Carl Jr in Auckland and even that was a long time a ago. When I eat at restaurant I choose eat at local Restaurant or Cafe rather than at Fast food restaurant. Even the Monopoly game ticket is not getting me back into McDonald with their Casino ideology which we have less of a chance of winning something. It just like Lotto and the most ignorant people will buy lots of Lotto just try to become millionaire and I seen people with that behavior before. I’m not trying people from gambling; but if going to gamble for something please do it with commonsense rather than sacrificing your health, wealth, energy and time just for that one thing. All what McDonald is doing is encourage customers to eat more of their food and is has nothing to do with health.

Let’s Fix It: Let’s End Human Driving

21 October 2014

Roughly 10 years from now we will see the End of Human Driving — a seminal moment of the first half of the 21st century. I’m guessing my young sons will not need to learn how to drive

Don’t Worry – Australia to Forcibly Release Intentional and Controlled Release of Aerosolized GMO Vaccine

Your News wire
22 October 2014

File this under “we’re f*cked” – According to a few different sources, Australia is actively trying to approve a new way of vaccinating you: by air!  An article in Prevent Disease:  The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) is on its way to approve a licence application from PaxVax Australia (PaxVax) for the intentional release of a GMO vaccine consisting of live bacteria into the environment in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.

According to the regulator, it qualifies as a limited and controlled release under section 50A of the Gene Technology Act 2000 (the Act).

PaxVax is seeking approval to conduct the clinical trial of a genetically modified live bacterial vaccine against cholera. Once underway the trial is expected to be completed within one year, with trial sites selected from local government areas (LGAs) in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. PaxVax has proposed a number of control measures they say will restrict the spread and persistence of the GM vaccine and its introduced genetic material, however there is always a possiblity of these restrictions failing and infecting wildlife and ecosystems.

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