New UK Security Measures To Target TERRORISTS & TRUTHERS!


Theresa May, UK Home Secretary today outlined new security measures that will not only target terrorists, but they will target all of us!

Just last week David Cameron compared ISIS terrorists to the people that question 9/11 and 7/7 official narratives, and at the time i said that he was declaring a WAR ON TRUTHERS.

In a move to combat “violent and non-violent extremists” Theresa May has outlined new plans to radicalisation or the undermining of democracy

The Home Secretary told the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham: “There is a battle raging in the Middle East for the heart and soul of Islam.

“We must do everything to defeat this ideology and prevent the radicalisation of young British Muslims.”

However, her proposals to curb the activities of radical Islamist preachers even if they have committed no crime have been criticised as “wholly wrong” by civil liberties campaigners.

They are coming after people like you and me, they always have been! They will use the guise of global terror to take away our rights here at home. Because, to the elite and their agenda, the alternative media and people who watch/listen are the real threat to their plans

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My Conclusion:
The UK Government is already out of hand and he passing laws to go after Truthers in the name of fighting terrorism. Remember Government use fear to remove our freedoms. Once the TPP is in place here in New Zealand which that is the internet kill-switch and they will shutdown Ecoliberty and I won’t have a voice.