The Collapse of Al Gore’s Global Warming Sham

Published on Sep 16, 2014

Infowars welcomes back, Lord Christopher Monckton. Monckton is amongst the most outspoken critics of the ongoing globalist stratagem into tricking humanity into surrendering its sovereign liberties: the global warming/climate change sham.

Guest host, Rob Dew discusses with Monckton the eminent collapse of the globalist funded climate change movement. Monckton and Dew spend some time breaking down the vote for Scottish independence and How it effects other European nations.

I in first 25 minutes in the video just they talk about the Scottish Independence and how they will affect financially. After 25 minutes in the video talk about the climate change and why the planet in cooling down. After 31 minutes in the video they talk about ISIS, Islam and Koran for 3 minute which Eco Liberty doesn’t cover. Because it never about promoting nor discrediting religion, If either Christian or Muslim or Jew or whatever you belief are, you’re welcome to Eco Liberty anytime you like. which is a secular website based on Logic and Reason. I just want make you Christians and Muslims clear, just because holy book says it doesn’t mean you go and do it.

Skull & Crossbones: “Warning: Literal Belief in this book may endanger your health and life.
From the FFRF (freedom from religion foundation) website.

Here a Bible or Koran warming label that I found on the freedom from religion foundation and it says that “Warning! Literal Belief in this book may endanger your health and life!” which that is true because people should be aware what those verses says in those holy books. People who have either the Christian or Islam belief they can also be good people as well. It people’s actions that should be judge, not their belief. That why I’m for keeping religion and state separated because when religion  get into government they can become very danger because they can discredit other people who have other religious belief. Don’t get wrong because we can make our mind up about religion and I’m not trying to stop or drag people away from religion. That why EcoLiberty is a secular website and it allow you to think yourself about the news I have covered.