Monsanto plans to patent genetically modified marijuana brand in Uruguay

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Jan 10, 2014 at 10:43 PM PST

U.S. corporation Monsanto plans to launch production of genetically modified marijuana, and companies such as Drug Policy Alliance y Open Society Foundation are going to create our own brand, which will be produced under cannabis, information portal La Red 21.

Organization of Open Society Foundation is under the control of the shareholder Monsanto, billionaire George Soros. Company Drug Policy Alliance y Open Society Foundation, funded by Monsanto will be responsible for market development of transgenic seeds of marijuana, particularly in Uruguay.
Uruguay – the first country in the world to officially legalize the production and sale of marijuana. Initiator of the law was the leadership of the State, headed by President Jose Mujica. According to authorities, a guarantee of success in Uruguay marijuana legalization should be state regulation of prices for hemp.
There are many reasons why Monsanto and other companies producing GMOs would like to learn a new product. Marijuana may be the next major GMO crop. First of all, the company plans to produce GMO manipulate so-called “medical marijuana”. If pharmacists join with GMO companies, pharmaceutical mafia can create transgenic strains with the ability to produce more active compounds which are patented and can be implemented as a medicine.
It is also worth noting that former strategic director Jamin Shively Microsoft also announced that it plans to patent in the U.S. is the first national brand under which will be produced hemp imported from Mexico. The new company is based in Seattle.

Businessman said that the initial funding for the project is $ 10 million to start the company’s products will be distributed only in two U.S. states, but at the request of Shively: “We will seek to ensure that in our hands was 40% of cannabis in the world.”

My Comment:
That one thing we got to be careful of. Because George Soros had funded at least $80m to get pot legalized in Uruguay. And it something the Uruguayans might to think about Cannabis contain GMOs because George Soros had a reason to fund for the Cannabis legalization in Uruguay and to bring GMO Cannabis into the country and patent it.
That why we got think about GMO cannabis and tricks the elites have in mind for us. Truth is I’m for Cannabis legalization but not for any plants that contains GMOs. That why be mind because corporations can have power over politicians and when people are calling Cannabis legalization. And the Monsanto Corporation can lobby the politicians For this type of Cannabis [which this one will be genetically modified] to be legalized and have others remain illegal.


2 thoughts on “Monsanto plans to patent genetically modified marijuana brand in Uruguay”

  1. LOL Monsanto. You’re a little late. They have no idea how tightly controlled cannabis genetics already are by breeders. Their special strains will only be grown in places where people don’t already have better options, I bet. Why would I buy pot from Monsanto, or even seeds, when I can already get them from Vancouver Seed Bank or a local dispensary? Or my neighbor down the street who grows righteous stuff? The big corps are playing a losing game. The only people who’ll fall for this are new smokers without existing connections or knowledge of their alternatives.

  2. Although to be perfectly honest, with all that said, I think the whole GMO thing is a distraction from real issues and the REAL damage these companies do. “Genetic modification” has been with us for centuries – it’s called selective breeding. And viruses routinely transfer snippets of genetic material from one species to another, not to mention the epigenetic inheritance possible just from eating or being exposed to certain environmental conditions. So to me “GMO” is not a scary thing, in and of itself. With that said though “Big Marijuana” is a joke of a concept – I wouldn’t worry too much. The plant is just too easy for individuals, even disabled folks like myself, to grow on your own, for big corporations to be able to do as much exploiting as they can with crops which require more space or skill or specialized conditions to grow.

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