Actor Rob Schneider Says he has Smoking Gun on Vaccine-autism CDC Fraud

by Jon Rappoport
August 26, 2014

Schneider: “I have copies of the original CDC report that was later suppressed and fraudulently changed”

Here is a copy of a letter actor and comedian Rob Schneider sent to California Governor Jerry Brown’s office Friday. It is posted at

Schneider is to be commended and supported in every possible way for stepping forward.

Schneider writes: “I have copies of the original CDC report that was later suppressed and fraudulently changed.”

I urge Schneider to post that report now. Continue reading Actor Rob Schneider Says he has Smoking Gun on Vaccine-autism CDC Fraud

Propaganda Alert: Without National ID card, you may be banned from boarding airplanes in 2016

by Ron Paul Forums
August 26, 2014

There is a serious push for a national ID card right now. It is an issue that I think more folks should pay attention to. I know it’s hard with all the mud they are slinging right now, but read this propaganda piece to get Massachusetts residents to buy into a national ID card.

Susan Podziba couldn’t enter a federal building near Washington this month because her driver’s license revealed an unacceptable home state: Massachusetts.

Bay State residents can no longer use their driver’s licenses to get inside some government agencies because the state is one of nine that have not signed on to a federal law called REAL ID. If nothing changes, they will even lose the ability to display their licenses to board a plane.<

The REAL ID measure presses states to verify citizenship and update security standards when they issue licenses. Congress intended the act to prevent terrorists who arrive in the country illegally from boarding planes. But officials in Massachusetts and elsewhere have balked at a program they claim costs millions, raises privacy concerns, and infringes on state’s rights.

States face no direct penalty other than the frustration of their citizens.

Some restrictions — such as the one that kept Podziba, a public policy mediator from Brookline, out of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — began in late July.

Unless the state decides to participate, Massachusetts residents without other identification will find themselves banned from White House tours next year and commercial airplanes as soon as 2016.

5 Dangerous Chemicals in Sunscreen

by Dr. Edward F. Group III
August 26, 2014

Most sunscreens sold today are chemical concoctions that have been linked to a number of health maladies

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, yet few people realize its importance for their health. While keeping your heart, liver, and kidneys functioning properly is crucial, so is protecting your skin from radiation and harsh environmental contaminants. Now, you’re probably already thinking about sunscreen, the leading product in this regard, which helps to protect the outer layer of your skin from the damaging effects of UV radiation. Conventional sunscreen, however, contains a number of chemical ingredients that may actually be harmful to your health. Organic sunscreen is the ideal choice, as it only contains natural ingredients and includes no chemicals or other dangerous substances.
5 Dangerous Chemicals in Sunscreen

The overall reason I recommend organic sunscreen is because of the chemicals contained in conventional sunscreen. Most sunscreens sold today are chemical concoctions that have been linked to a number of health maladies. Here’s a list of the 5 common chemicals in non-organic sunscreens and their health effects. Upon seeing the plethora of negative health consequences associated with non-organic sunscreen, you’ll see why I only recommend organic varieties. Continue reading 5 Dangerous Chemicals in Sunscreen

Aerosol being sprayed above my house

Eco Liberty
26 August 2014
By Matthew Miller

These are the photos I have taken on 26 August 2014 at 9:44 am at home

At 9:44 am I an Aerosol being a sprayed above my house at a quite low altitude. And 10 minutes later I heard a strange noise in the sky sound like a fire cracker and made me quite frighten and said myself “this doesn’t sound good” And the Elite already know that I must doing a good job of getting information out and I doing the best I can because I might giving people hope and that the Elite are afraid of.

New Zealand First Opening Broadcast – Election 2014

The 2014 Election in New Zealand is coming up. An powerful message from Winston Peter. Because he man of integrity and cover the real issue here in New Zealand.

Let look at the stat in New Zealand
140,000 are unemployed and 38% of those are under 25 years of age
285,000 children are in Poverty which that is 27% which that higher than the USA
Amount of Student Debt is 13.5 Billion New Zealand Dollars which that in about 11.3 Billion US Dollars
Estimate of 2.4 million hectares of farmland and forest owned to Foreigners. which that about almost the size of Macedonia which that about 9% of the total land area of New Zealand.

Shock: Genetically Modified Rice Trial Reports 3 Times Higher Leukemia Risk

by Christina Sarich
August 22, 2014

‘Over 10 students’ in GM rice trial ‘now have leukemia within a 4-year period’

It appears that an alleged illegal GM rice trial on University students in China has led to an incidence rate of acute leukemia of up to 3 times the normal rate in the country. Following the alleged GM rice trial, it was discovered from the Huazhong Agricultural University that ‘over 10 students now have leukemia within a 4-year period.’ Continue reading Shock: Genetically Modified Rice Trial Reports 3 Times Higher Leukemia Risk

How Corporations Are Creating a Life-Threatening Water Shortage
7 July 2014
by Carl Gibson

Imagine the swift and fierce government response if Al-Qaeda took a precious resource out of a delicate environment, sold it for profit and endangered 40 million people in the process. Now compare that example to the nonexistent government response to American energy companies, golf courses and corporations like Nestlé taking 75 percent of the groundwater out of the Colorado River Basin at a time when the American West is facing a record drought.

Corporations will continue to abuse their constitutional protections as legal “persons” until fresh water has become fully privatized, or until corporate constitutional rights are eliminated with a constitutional amendment. Continue reading How Corporations Are Creating a Life-Threatening Water Shortage

‘Crude stats’ show foreigners own only 2% of farmland
NZ Herald
8 Aug 2014

‘Crude stats’ show foreigners own only 2% of farmland

Prime Minister John Key made an assurance no more than 2 per cent of New Zealand’s farmland was foreign-owned as controversy continues over the sale of Lochinver Station near Taupo to Chinese company Shanghai Pengxin.

Labour and New Zealand First say they’ll block the sale of the 13,800ha property if they are in a position to do so after next month’s election, in response to strong public concerns over foreign ownership of farmland.

Mr Key and his Government have downplayed the scale of the issue and say they would act if there was evidence of a “run” on New Zealand farms by foreigners.

Yesterday, Mr Key said the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) told him in writing they believed “the amount of rural land that’s owned by foreigners is 1 to 2 per cent”.

Earlier this week, the OIO said it did not know how much farmland was owned by foreigners. Yesterday it confirmed its advice to Mr Key and said it was prepared using “some fairly crude statistics”. The figure didn’t include forests such as the huge 177,000ha block sold by Carter Holt Harvey to US firm Hancock under the Labour Government in 2006