New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen

Yes there are people who never care another people like the elite like David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, George Soros, and more and they want to bring down the world population because they want the world for themselves and this very dangerous for humanity. And it’s up to us to wake up and stand up and there are still some good people and the problem the good people are allow the evil people to take control because we allow and accept the system and the principle for their agenda.

We don’t have to go along with the system and the principle of their agenda because it’s design to bring us down to our knees and to destroy us. Only if we realize what is really happen in reality. And it’s time to wake up and get off our knees and get to work. The Elite are preparing for themselves and they have secret organic farm and their cattle feeding on organic grass and feeds because they know whats coming. And they will not tell us to prepare ourselves for worse because it’s not part of their agenda. I’ll say to myself “time for me to get more fundamental for growing my own food and you should do the same because time is short”.

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