Smart Meter Slavery

Cassandra Anderson
August 6, 2011

Smart Meter Fraud Smart meters are radio frequency microwave meters that communicate with the Smart Grid. The Smart Grid is a transmission system that delivers electricity to from power plants to distribution substations and then from the substations it is delivered to homes and businesses.

The federal Department of Energy (DOE) stated purpose of the Smart Grid is to reduce carbon emissions. Note to DOE: man-made global warming is a lie- go ask NASA, CERN and 30,000 independent scientists.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is beneficial to plants- why do you think greenhouses pipe in carbon? Because it makes plants and crops more robust. According to Dr, Michael Coffman, a 500% increase in CO2 would only benefit plants and animals. It is absurd to consider CO2 a pollutant!

The Smart Grid is being used to promote green energy/clean energy/renewable energy. Because global warming (climate change) has been so thoroughly discredited, global warming policies and regulations are now being forced on us under the banner of green, clean and renewable energy. Global warming is a tool of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, the overarching blueprint for depopulation and total control.

Water and natural gas Smart Meters are scheduled to launch next year. Again, the stated purpose is conservation of resources based on phony global warming myths. Smart Meters for water are particularly disturbing because there is a master kill switch on the grid and water is essential for life every day.

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My Opinion:
For what is happen in the United States of America is starting to happen in New Zealand and countries across the world; for what Alex Jones is telling to us is pretty coming true or already occur and he not joking about it; it’s all real. New Zealand and other countries is already heading into enslavement of Agenda 21. As a New Zealander that why I look at the news source on