Climate Smart Cities: How Agenda 21 is Transforming Our Nation

Occupy Corporatism
By Susanne Posel
April 25, 2014


In New York, the Climate Smart program (CSP) oversees “efforts to meet the challenges posed by climate change.”

CSP is a “state-local partnership to meet the economic, social and environmental challenges that climate change poses.”

This program combines public health and safety with first responder emergency efforts to secure infrastructure against climate change.

Climate Smart Communities (CSC) is being sold as a way to:

• Lead the nation in climate leadership
• Save taxpayer money
• Receive federal grants
• Build a network of other participating cities
• Devise smart policies and practices
• Create pollution-free cities
• Increase energy independent
• Spur economic growth

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My Opinion:
Not only just in the USA but all across the world. Here in New Zealand the government is not using force but using chemtrails and other Geo-engineering method to create drought to make Agriculture difficult or impossible; also that happen different part of the world like USA, Europe, Australia. That all about in the name of Agenda 21 the removal of our property rights. Having the government using Geo-engineering to create a drought to destroy the agriculture economy to bring forth Agenda 21 is a very good tactic because a lot people don’t question the weather and Geo-engineering itself. Also the Climate Change scare is bring used to bring forth control.

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