Teachers trial flu jab alternatives

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Last updated 05:00 03/04/2014

Teachers at some Wellington schools are being offered herbal medicine and vitamins as alternatives to a flu vaccination.

Waterloo School in Lower Hutt is trialling alternatives to the flu jab for the first time this year after a decline in the number of teachers getting the injection.

The idea arose after administration manager Cheryl Wilson started investigating other ways to support teachers who opposed flu vaccinations for personal reasons.

Wilson, who chose a two-month course of the herbal medicine echinacea, was one of 10 staff to do so. They appreciated having the choice and were lucky the school was in a position to be able to afford to offer free options, she said.

Ten other staff picked multi-vitamins, while 16 received vaccinations, and nine staff did not want any of the options.

Wilson pointed out that options were not being offered to children, for whom parents would choose whether to vaccinate.
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My Opinion:
Some good news here in New Zealand there some people who are aware the hidden rick in vaccines. And it’s the not vaccines, it what in the vaccine that having to cause some health ricks to people. Herbal medicine has been know for thousand of year for keeping people well.

NZ, US on same page over TPP, says Key

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By: Julie Moffett, International News
Wednesday March 26 2014 8:50

The Prime Minister says the US President is still keen to get the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade deal moving.

John Key’s met with Barack Obama on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit at The Hague.

He told Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking New Zealand and the US are on the same page.

“New Zealand and the United States are very much in lockstep on this issue. We think that TPP should go ahead, we think we can do a comprehensive deal, we’ve been pushing pretty hard.”

Mr Key says some of the other countries involved are experiencing difficulties around the TPP on the domestic front.

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My Opinion:
Obama and Key are getting serious about getting the Tran Pacific Partnership Agreement. We all need to up our anti.