TV One: Some NZ towns may have to be abandoned says NWO Propagandist, Jim Salinger


Agenda 21 folks?

March 30, 2014 Source: ONE News

One of New Zealand’s top climate scientists is warning some of our major towns and cities may have to be abandoned, because of climate change.

ONE News has obtained a draft United Nations report on climate change, ahead of its release tomorrow.

The report claims by the end of this century, temperatures will have risen by 2 to 4 degrees celsius.

More ice will melt and our oceans will rise by a metre.

Climate Scientist Dr Jim Salinger told ONE News that 14 of our major cities and towns, which are at sea level, will face flooding.

“We have to decide what areas to save and what areas to abandon,” Dr Salinger said.

But as well as rising sea levels, parts of the country in the north and east will become drier, resulting in more drought and a greater risk of…

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