Trade deal may threaten NZ health care

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Last updated 09:07 10/03/2014

OPINION: Dr ERIK MONASTERIO writes of his concern about the impacts of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement in trade on New Zealand’s health system costs.

Here in New Zealand, we have a proud history of taxpayer-funded, quality public health care.

Even if we don’t always love how our public health care system works, for most people it does . . well . . . work. The medicines, care, surgical and other procedures that keep people as healthy as possible, get them well when they are sick, and help them live better lives, are generally available to all, regardless of income level, insurance status or location.

New Zealanders who travel to the United States, or more recently, just turn on the news and hear about “Obamacare”, are often shocked at the out-of-pocket costs that Americans can face for services, tests, prescriptions and procedures.
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