The Latest Heist: US Quietly Snatches the Ukraine’s Gold Reserves

21st Century Wire
March 21, 2014

21st Century Wire says…

As the dust settles in Kiev, another money trail has been revealed…

According to reports out of Kiev (see links below), the US has quietly transfers 33 tons of Ukrainian gold out of the country and back to vaults in the US. Presumably, this sovereign wealth transfer would be counted as partial “collateral” for a fresh round of IMF, US FED, and ECB paper debt that is currently being organised for dumping into the Ukraine’s economic black hole.

Multiple inquiries to US Federal Reserve administrators into the location of the Ukraine’s gold have been met with the proverbial ‘pass the buck’, making tracking and tracking the final resting place of these 33 tonnes very difficult indeed – but one can expect that the NY Fed is probably the institution who has masterminded this
financial heist.
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My Opinion:
From the start of the Anti government protect which was started from the elite because the Ukraine Prime Minister Vikor Yanukovych Refuse to sign into European Union agreement and Elite didn’t like Ukraine nor any other nation being a sovereign nation because the elite love money and power. And New World Order Elite will try to overthrow any sovereign nation that they don’t control because all about control. Protest was started to overthrow the Government then replace it with a puppet government so the US can burgle the Ukraine’s gold and loot the Ukraine’s economy.