Chinese Using drone to fix air pollution

Why Chinese using drones to spray particle to solve air pollution in China rather than looking at the root cause of air pollution which that comes from the coal fired power plant. Coal Fired Power Plant isn’t and bad thing as long the Coal Fired Power Plant have the scrubber technology only emission that come out the power plant is water and Carbon Dioxide. That can be done in China by having the Coal Fired Power Plant upgraded with the scrubber technology so power plant emission will be much cleaner, they don’t have to be shutdown and they just need to upgrade the coal fired power plant to fitted with scrubber technology so the emission will be cleaner and the air will more breathable. Geoengineering can damage the environment when it gets into the wrong hands.

Cyclone Lusi – Your many, many, questions answered!
Posted by wwadmin on Tue, 11/03/2014 – 19:58


Cyclone Lusi continues to slowly churn away near Vanuatu – and will likely rapidly intensify over the next three days as it approaches New Zealand from the north.

The weather around this low will be the usual rough weather we get – bit of wind and rain/showers, with some regions staying fairly dry to start with this weekend.

However near the centre of this low winds will likely be hurricane force with intense rain. This is the main area of concern – but this belt of severe weather does not cover the entire system – mostly near the centre.

So until we can accurately pinpoint where the centre will track (and the models are starting to make this clearer now) we can’t yet be too specific about rainfall totals and windspeed maximums.

Generally speaking northern NZ is exposed to heavy rain and strong winds this weekend – but the lower North Island and central New Zealand may also be impacted for at time.

What we’re likely to face once Cyclone Lusi make landfall?
I check on Wednesday the cyclone is now a category 3 and is forecast to continue south to New Zealand in that strength and I don’t think we ever had a Cyclone greater than a category one that made landfall in New Zealand if Cyclone Lusi continue on maintaining it’s strength and made landfall in New Zealand. This storm will be nothing like it we ever seen before. We will likely face Major Flooding, Damages to Property, Power cuts and more. For more weather updates chick on the more link. I will taking photos and videos on the aftermath of Cyclone Lusi if I’m ever to able to see it. Who knows it might not be a bad as we thought would be. But paid to be prepare for everything that come even if you think it will not happen. For Farmers paid to bring your livestock to higher ground; away from areas that are likely to get flooded during heavy rain. Remember be prepare for the worse and hope for the best.