PM defends rising power prices

Stuff NZ
Last updated 08:25 10/03/2014

Prime Minister John Key has defended rising power prices, saying the increases would be greater under a Labour Government.

Consumer NZ figures show that in some parts of the country people on pre-pay electricity plans could be paying up to 60 per cent more for power than those paying a regular power bill.

Figures showed families in Northland paid up to 42 per cent more on pre-pay contracts, while those in Dunedin paid 58.7 per cent more. In Invercargill it was 60.8 per cent more.

In some cases customers on the cheapest pre-pay plan were paying over $1500 a year more than those on the cheapest standard plan.

This morning, Key said he would need to look at individual circumstances before commenting on the reason for the price differences.

“But what I do know, is we’ve tracked power prices for the entire time we’ve been in government and we compare those to what happened under the previous administration,” he said on TV3’s Firstline.