We are not overpopulated in the world

Eco Liberty
Matthew Miller
9 March 2014

Although the world population in 2014 sits at 7.2 billion people but the earth is not over populated. With 7.2 billion people can comfortingly fit in Australia which Australia has a landmass of 7.7 million square kilometers; means that about 0.25 acres per person. And for the people to grow in any country the Total Fertility Rate needs to be at least 2.1 for the population to remain stable. Why the TFR at 2.1 because the woman to have two children; one to replace the woman and one to replace the man. but the ones who don’t want to have children; for example if the 3 woman and 3 men who are not willing to have children then couple who are willing to have children must have 8 children to replace the 3 woman and 3 men didn’t have children and the two to replace the couple. As the world population grows the world Total Fertility Rate declines currently the World Total Fertility Rate sits at 2.33 which that still above required rate of 2.1 And I believe the world population will peak around from 2040 to 2060 because the world Total Fertility Rate will below the require rate of 2.1 which the world population 2040 to 2060 will be at from 9 to 10 Billion people [depend on the World Total Fertility Rate] then begin to decline and at 2100 the world population may be back around 7 to 8 Billion. We’re not overpopulated even if the population is at 10 billion people today.