Schapelle Corby attempts suicide after threat to revoke parole

NZ Herald
6:06 AM Wednesday Mar 5, 2014

An Indonesian official said that paroled Australian drug convict Schapelle Corby tried to kill herself when he informed her that the government might send her back to prison.

Sunar Agus, head of the Bali Correctional Division, said Corby appeared unstable and tried to hurt herself when he met with her Monday night.

Corby, 35, was released on parole last month after spending nine years in a Bali prison on charges of smuggling 4.2 kilograms of marijuana into Indonesia in 2005.

Indonesian Justice Minister Amir Syamsuddin said that the government is evaluating whether Corby’s parole terms were violated by an interview her sister Mercedes gave to an Australian television network.

My Opinion:
To the Australia and Indonesian Government; leave Schapelle Corby alone, she already been through hell for nine years let her enjoy her freedom for once. When read this archive in the NZ Herald it made me feel upset and this make feel that I want cannabis legalized not only in New Zealand but in Australia and Indonesian also other countries around the world. Cannabis Prohibition has already cause enough harm around the world already. I don’t normally cover suicides on my website, I cover this archive because Schappelle Corby is one the Cannabis Prohibition Victims. Cannabis Prohibition needs to end now or more people will suffer same fate or worse than Schappelle Corby.

For info about Schapelle Cordy:

China may opt for ‘two children’ policy in future, says senior official

Family planning commission to study impact of moving away from one-child rule as experts warn of demographic time bomb

The Guardian
Tania Branigan in Beijing
Tuesday 4 March 2014 13.23 GMT

After decades of enforcing a one-child policy, China may in the future allow every couple to have two children, a senior family planning official has said.

China’s national health and family planning commission will study the impact of a universal two-child rule, its head of research, Ma Xu, told state news agency Xinhua, adding that there was no specific timetable for the decision.

Experts said it was inevitable that China would make the shift, but probably not for several years.

While most couples face large fines if they have more than one child, there are several exemptions, notably for ethnic minorities and rural residents.

Christchurch flooding a ‘once-in-a-century event’

NZ Herald
By Matthew Backhouse, Kurt Bayer
Updated 2:23 PM Wednesday Mar 5, 2014

A cliff has collapsed at Lyttelton as stormy weather – described by the council as a one-in-a-century event – continues to batter the region.

The cliff collapse is believed to have occurred in the Cressy Terrace area, police said.

Emergency services are on their way to the scene.

There are no reports of injuries so far.

Schools and roads throughout the Canterbury region have been closed by flooding while more than 4000 homes and businesses remain without power.

Green Party celebrates changes to food bill

Green Party NZ
Wednesday, 12 Jun 2013 | Press Release
The Government have made great strides on the revised Food Bill, the Green Party said today.

Food Safety Minister Nikki Kaye has released the changes that will be made to the Food Bill which will significantly improve it. The major wins are the reinstatement of genetic engineering as a matter for potential consideration, the inclusion of a ‘Good Samaritan’ clause which allows people to keep donating food to those in need, the assurances around swapping food and the exclusion of seeds for growing being regulated under this Bill.

“This announcement today is a win for home gardeners, charities, and small businesses who worked with the Government to have their concerns addressed,” said Green Party agriculture spokesperson Steffan Browning.