Physicist Michio Kaku on Uploading Consciousness and Digital Immortality

Saturday, March 29, 2014
Activist Post
Breaking the Set

Breaking the Set’s Manuel Rapalo speaks with theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, about his latest book The Future of the Mind discussing how realistic it would be to digitally upload memories and consciousness, and why we’re living in the ‘Golden Age’ of studying the human mind.

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TV One: Some NZ towns may have to be abandoned says NWO Propagandist, Jim Salinger


Agenda 21 folks?

March 30, 2014 Source: ONE News

One of New Zealand’s top climate scientists is warning some of our major towns and cities may have to be abandoned, because of climate change.

ONE News has obtained a draft United Nations report on climate change, ahead of its release tomorrow.

The report claims by the end of this century, temperatures will have risen by 2 to 4 degrees celsius.

More ice will melt and our oceans will rise by a metre.

Climate Scientist Dr Jim Salinger told ONE News that 14 of our major cities and towns, which are at sea level, will face flooding.

“We have to decide what areas to save and what areas to abandon,” Dr Salinger said.

But as well as rising sea levels, parts of the country in the north and east will become drier, resulting in more drought and a greater risk of…

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Western Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun

Paul Craig Roberts
March 30, 2014

It is now apparent that the “Maiden protests” in Kiev were in actuality a Washington organized coup against the elected democratic government. The purpose of the coup is to put NATO military bases on Ukraine’s border with Russia and to impose an IMF austerity program that serves as cover for Western financial interests to loot the country. The sincere idealistic protesters who took to the streets without being paid were the gullible dupes of the plot to destroy their country.

Politically Ukraine is an untenable aggregation of Ukrainian and Russian territory, because traditional Russian territories were stuck into the borders of the Ukraine Soviet Republic by Lenin and Khrushchev. The Crimea, stuck into Ukraine by Khrushchev, has already departed and rejoined Russia. Unless some autonomy is granted to them, Russian areas in eastern and southern Ukraine might also depart and return to Russia. If the animosity displayed toward the Russian speaking population by the stooge government in Kiev continues, more defections to Russia are likely.
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DRUGLAWED How NZ Green Got Rolled Up IN The Us Drug War

1of6 DRUGLAWED How NZ Green Got Rolled Up IN The Us Drug War 4mar2014

2of6 DRUGLAWED How NZ Green Got Rolled Up IN The Us Drug War 4mar2014

3of6 DRUGLAWED How NZ Green Got Rolled Up IN The Us Drug War 4mar2014

4of6 DRUGLAWED How NZ Green Got Rolled Up IN The Us Drug War 4mar2014

5of6 DRUGLAWED How NZ Green Got Rolled Up IN The Us Drug War 4mar2014

6of6 DRUGLAWED How NZ Green Got Rolled Up IN The Us Drug War 4mar2014

My Opinion:
I can’t never thank mother native enough for hemp amazing wonder because miracle of nature are discovered through science. And Hemp is being used to clean contaminants at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site This is known as phytoremediation – the process by the cleaning radiation as well as a variety of other toxins from the soil, water, and air From Wikipedia. Hemp is one of the most pollutant tolerant known plant on the planet.

Monsanto Threatens to Sue Over GMO Labeling in Vermont

Nation of Change
Published: Wednesday 26 March 2014

The citizens of Vermont want GMO foods to be labeled. As NaturalSociety’s Anthony Gucciardi reported in 2013, a bill which has already passed the House awaits a final O.K. by the Senate. If Monsanto gets their way though, as made evident in heated testimony given at the Statehouse this past Wednesday before a Judiciary Committee, not only will the bill get stalled in the Senate, but Monsanto points to the fact that the state will have to spend around a million dollars just to defend the bill in court.

You can guess who is on Monsanto’s latest pay-roll. Sen. Dick Sears, D-Bennington, chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee warned that, although he ‘supports a labeling bill’, he feels that there are potential litigation costs which could hinder state finances. He also mentions that dairy would also be excluded from the bill, but currently there is no GMO dairy in Vermont.
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Founder of the Weather Channel on How the Global Warming Scare Began


KUSITV9,   12, March, 2014.  A great scientist named Roger Revelle had Al Gore in his class at Harvard and the Global Warming campaign was born. Revelle tried to calm things down years later, but Gore said Revelle was Senile and refused to debate. John Coleman documents the entire story and shows how our tax dollars are perpetuating the Global Warming alarmist campaign even though temperatures have not risen in years and years.

This is a presentation by John Coleman, an American TV weatherman and founder of The Weather Channel.   He now works as a broadcast meteorologist at KUSITV9 in San Diego.  He calls global warming “the greatest scam in history.”

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The Real Inflation Fear – US Food Prices Are Up 19% In 2014
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/26/2014 10:20 -0400

We are sure the weather is to blame but what happens when pent-up demand (from a frosty east coast emerging from its hibernation) bumps up against a drought-stricken west coast unable to plant to meet that demand? The spot price (not futures speculation-driven) of US Foodstuffs is the best performing asset in 2014 – up a staggering 19%…


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Americans’ brains being fried by cell towers: New scientific evidence reveals shocking extent of electropollution damage

Natural News
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Exposure to cell phone towers alters brain function in alarming ways, causing a lack of concentration, irritability, difficulty sleeping and lack of appetite. That’s the conclusion of a new study just published by the British Medical Journal.(1)

The study, authored by Professor Enrique A Navarro, concluded that the severity of such symptoms directly correlated to cell tower exposure levels. In other words, the closer a person lives to a cell tower, the greater the severity of their symptoms. This was true regardless of race, income level and other demographics.
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Kiwis missing out on ‘heritage’ foods

Wednesday 19 Mar 2014 10:31a.m.

Kay Baxter, director of the Koanga Institute, is on a mission to save New Zealand’s heritage seeds.

She’s touring the country to share her knowledge about what we’ve lost in plant variety, food, and gardening.

“The United Nations estimated 20 years ago we’d already lost 90 percent of our heritage vegetables that we had 100 years before,” she says. “What we’re losing are the food plants that were selected and bred over many thousands of years to nourish us.”
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Wanting to help the Koanga Institute mission to save the New Zealand’s Heritage seeds; click on the website link below.
And feel free donate or join as member on the Koanga webpage.

Trade deal may threaten NZ health care

NZ Stuff
Last updated 09:07 10/03/2014

OPINION: Dr ERIK MONASTERIO writes of his concern about the impacts of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement in trade on New Zealand’s health system costs.

Here in New Zealand, we have a proud history of taxpayer-funded, quality public health care.

Even if we don’t always love how our public health care system works, for most people it does . . well . . . work. The medicines, care, surgical and other procedures that keep people as healthy as possible, get them well when they are sick, and help them live better lives, are generally available to all, regardless of income level, insurance status or location.

New Zealanders who travel to the United States, or more recently, just turn on the news and hear about “Obamacare”, are often shocked at the out-of-pocket costs that Americans can face for services, tests, prescriptions and procedures.
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